Sahara® Remediation / The Rust & Rouge Removal System

  • The Rust & Rouge Removal System

Sahara® Remediation

Rust Busting for GMP cleanrooms

Current disinfection procedures leave disinfectant residuals on cleanroom surfaces which lead to facility appearance issues and corrosion stains on expensive stainless steel equipment.

To deal with rust and rouge, GMP facilities employ abrasives and acid passivation chemicals that can only be brought into the facility during shutdowns. This results in the risk of audit observations due to poor facility appearance.

Foamtec's line of ScrubPADS® and ScrubDISKS® are cleanroom grade abrasives designed to quickly remove rust and rouge and polish stainless steel to a 5-10ra surface finish. This allows 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel to self-passivate.

Sahara® Remediation Key Benefits

• Elimination of Scotch-Brite™ and acid passivation chemicals.
• Compatible with cleanroom manufacturing SOPs.
• Enables rust removal from large surfaces quickly.
• Environmentally friendly as only Water and IPA are required.

Sahara® Remediation Steps

Sahara® Remediation Products

All necessary items, including instructional videos, step by step instructions and validation documents are included in kits to make rust busting easy and convenient.