Cleanroom Swabs

Foamtec understands that operations involving swabs are precise in nature so engineering and manufacturing is performed in-house and strictly controlled in order to deliver a swabs that meet customer expectations for quality, consistency, purity and cleanliness.

Foamtec swabs are used in a wide array of applications including those in Hard Disk Drive, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Optics, Fiber Optics, Forensics, Pediatrics, Veterinary, Drug Delivery and Diagnostic applications.

Swab Features

• Lot Tested & Certified
• Wide Array of Tip Styles & Materials
• Static Dissipative Handles & Tips
• Pyrogen free
• EtO, Steam and Gamma Stable
• Non-Cytotoxic
• ATP Free
• Low in particulates, out gassing and NVRs
• Rohs compatible

CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs

Cleanroom foam swabs for precision cleaning applications.


ESD Safe Swabs

ESD Safe swabs for precision cleaning of static sensitive components.

Fiber Free Swabs

Fiber Free Swabs, made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials are ideal for cleaning Medical Devices.

MiraSWAB® | Microfiber Swabs

Microfiber cleaning performance brought to the world of swabs. Acetone compatible.


PolyCHECK® Swabs

Constructed of black and white fabric for inspection and verification protocols.

PolySWAB® | Polyester Swabs

Cleanroom fabric over foam construction for use with aggressive solvents such as acetone.

SurfCHECK® Cleaning Validation Swab

The next generation cleaning validation swab.


UltraSOLV® Swabs

Foam swabs that are excellent general purpose cleaning tools for cleanroom assembly applications.