ErgoWRENCH® / Clean Process By-Product from VAT Valves and other Recessed Areas in Hi-Vacuum Chambers

  • Clean Process By-Product from Hard to Reach Areas of Vacuum Chambers

ErgoWRENCH® Information

ErgoWRENCH® is designed to perform preventative maintenace on VAT valves and other recessed areas that require process-by-product removal. ErgoWRENCH® improves productivity and allows equipment technicians to ergonomically complete PM's. The soft ergonomic grip provides ease of use, while the stiff swivel head can be adjusted to optimize scrubbing angles. Different size Heads and Handles are interchangeable, which allows the ErgoWRENCH® to be adjusted for different vacuum chamber cleaning applications.

Key Features

Improves Tool Availability: Reduces scrub-time by focusing Diamond ScrubPAD directly onto Heavy Deposition buildup, quickly taking chamber back to bare metal.
Helps Reduce Particles: Removes heavy deposition from areas critical to production, preventing unwanted flaking.
Safely Removes Deposition from Sensitive Areas: Able to focus Diamond ScrubPAD directly onto area of deposition to prevent excess wear of surrounding areas.
Production Proven: ErgoWRENCH is widely used at 200mm and 300mm wafer fabs to improve PM's on VAT Valves.

ErgoWRENCH® Heads, Handles & Accessories


(ErgoWRENCH® Heads and Handles Sold Separately)