PneuSCRUB™ / Pneumatic Cleaning Tools for Vacuum Chamber Cleaning

Pneumatic Cleaning Tools for Vacuum Chamber Cleaning

PneuSCRUB™ Information

The PneuSCRUB™ device is a cleanroom rated pneumatically powered orbital sanding tool designed for use with the hook and loop (Velcro) Diamond Grit ScrubPADS for both wet and dry equipment cleaning SOP’s. The various options of 140 to 1350 Grit ScrubPADS available for the PneuSCRUB™ allows technicians to rapidly achieve desired cleaning results on large surface areas with comfort and reduced ergonomic strain. PneuSCRUB™ dramatically reduces the time and labor input needed to accomplish the same surface scrubbing tasks that are currently carried out manually. PneuSCRUB™ is ideal for removing stubbornly adhered or legacy process deposition found on CMP, ALD, Ion Implant, Etch, and CVD tools. The Sahara Triangular Buffing Pad attachment is ideal for removing hardened slurry from plastic components in CMP tools.
Available with foam backing in order to conform to cylindrical and edged surfaces.

Key Features

Improves Tool Availability. Reduces scrub-time by focusing Diamond ScrubPAD directly onto Heavy Deposition buildup, quickly returning surfaces back to a like-new condition.
Reduces Particle Generation.y. Diamond & Sahara Foam scrubbing products eliminate metallic particulate shedding risks observed with competing abrasives, while providing superior cleaning efficiency and service life.
Safely Removes Deposition from Sensitive Areas. Enables customers to select ideal products for any surface cleaning need ranging from quartz to stainless steel, while minimizing labor requirements and tool surface wear.

PneuSCRUB™ Handheld Triangular Scrubbing Tool

PneuSCRUB™ ScrubPADS® w/ 4 Holes and Foam & Loop Backing

PneuSCRUB™ ScrubPADS® w/ 4 Holes and Loop Backing