ScrubPAD® / Reduce Cleaning Time & Post PM Particle Levels in Hi-Vacuum Chambers

AMAT ENDURA Degas Platten Clean

AMAT 5500 TxZ Chamber Peroxide-Free PM

LAM 2300 - Metal Etch Chamber Clean

ScrubPAD® Information

ScrubPADS® are patented wet-dry coated abrasives designed to clean residue, rust and by-product from process tools in semiconductor wafer fabs. ScrubPADS® are widely used in 200mm and 300mm fabs to PM or wet clean CVD, PECVD, dry etch, PVD and ion implant tools. ScrubPADS® are processed to be extremely low in metals and mobile ions and are available in a wide variety of diamond, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide abrasives to enable safe and efficient wet clean BKMs. ScrubPADS®, used in conjunction with UltraSOLV® Sponges, Wipers, and Swabs, reduce cleaning times, pump down times and contamination levels for critical process tools.

ScrubPADs are now available for ErgoWRENCH and ScrubWRIGHT to speed up cleaning for scratch sensitive and hard to reach areas of Vacuum Chambers.

Key Features

• Wide grit selection allows for quick removal of process-induced residue from aluminum, stain less steel, ceramic, glass, quartz and anodized surfaces while minimizing tool wear.
• The fiber-free construction of ScrubPADs greatly reduces particle levels in cleaned tools.
• By using washed abrasives, harmful ionic residues are minimized.
• Unique bonding technology minimizes the release of abrasive particles leading to cleaner PM procedures.
• Enables the elimination of H2O2 from PMs, which greatly reduces recovery times.
• Clean and unload with UltraSOLV® Sponge for longer life.

ScrubPADS® w/ Diamond Grit w/ 0.078" Thickness

ScrubPADS® w/ Silicon Carbide (SiC) Grit w/ 0.078" Thickness

ScrubPADS® w/ Aluminum Oxide (AO) Grit w/ 0.078" Thickness