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ScrubWRIGHT® Information

A unique tool for cleaning small, hard to reach areas. Interchangeable belt-shaped Diamond ScrubBELTS® in various grits create a versatile instrument perfect for polishing stains, scratches and process-induced residue from scratch sensitive surfaces. Spring adjustable for easy mounting and rotation of ScrubWRIGHT® ScrubBELT®.

Key Features

Improved Cost of Ownership. Enables in-chamber cleaning of parts and eliminates Downtime and High Cost associated with removing and sending parts out for cleaning.
Helps Reduce Particles. Effectively removes deposition from areas Critical to Process (Edge of ESC, Beam Defining Apertures...) to prevent unwanted flaking.
Safely Removes Deposition from Sensitive Areas. Use Diamond ScrubBELT® directly onto a small area of deposition, preventing excess wear in surrounding areas.
Reduces Damage to Critical Parts. Eliminates having to use Scotch-Brite™, razor blades and ceramic knives.
Wide Selection of Diamond ScrubBELTS®. Allows for quick removal of deposition from aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, quartz and anodized surfaces.

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