CushionPAD / Protect Vacuum Chamber Components

Vacuum Chamber Component Protection

CushionPAD Information

The Foamtec CushionPAD is constructed from high strength Sahara® Foam which provides cushioning and cleanliness for components. Sahara® Foam is high strength, ultra-low particle shedding with low metallics for use in sub 14nm wafer fabs. CushionPAD eliminates the contamination and damage associated with using multiple individual wipers to line work tables and carts.


• By placing the CushionPAD underneath sensitive products it provides a clean, protective foam padding that will help minimize physical damage to the product.
• Able to use as a protective barrier during shipping or storing of sensitive material.
• Extremely low levels of particles, organics, and metallics.


• CushionPAD is a cost effective solution to protect parts and equipment in the parts clean shop and at the tool during PM’s.
• Greatly reduces the risk of component damage and cross contamination from stainless steel carts and work surfaces.
• Significantly reduces shedding and tearing when used to ship or protect bead-blasted, arc sprayed and Yttrium-oxide components.

Polyester Vs CushionPAD Comparison

Compared to Sahara® CushionPADs, Polyester fabric easily snags and sheds fibers especially for parts that have rough, irregular edges such as PVD and implant shields, chamber liners, and Yttrium Oxide components.

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