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RPS Cleaning Kit

for *AMAT Producer® PMs

The RPS Cleaning Kit, designed for the *AMAT Producer® SE, significantly enhances cleaning efficiency. It focuses on reducing particles in the Remote Plasma Source (RPS) unit using specialized products, the HT4500-RPS23 kit, includes a MiraSWAB® with Flexible Tip Swab, Linear MiraWIPE® Sponge, and MiraWIPE® with string. These tools are crafted for easy access and effective cleaning of challenging areas like the RPS edge and ignitor.


Superior Cleaning Performance: The kit’s advanced tools effectively remove black particle levels, ensuring a cleaner RPS unit.

Minimized Downtime: Streamlined cleaning process reduces tool downtime.

Enhanced Particle Performance: Improved cleaning techniques lead to better particle performance in the AMAT Producer® equipment.

Ease of Use: The kit’s specialized tools allow for easy access to difficult-to-reach areas, making the cleaning process more efficient.



Designed to clean AMAT Producer® SE’s Remote Plasma Source (RPS) Unit.

*Producer is a registered trademark of Applied Materials, Inc.

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The Remote Plasma Source (RPS) Cleaning Kit consists of:

• MiraSWAB® with Flexible Tip - 1 Unit
• MiraWIPE® Sponge - 1 Unit
• MiraWIPE® Microfiber Wipe with a String - 1 Unit


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