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  • Cleanroom wipe for Medical device facilities

CleanWIPE® Wiper Information

CleanWIPE is a cleanroom foam wiper designed to reduce foreign particulate contamination in class III medical device manufacturing facilities. The unique polyurethane open pore foam has flexible, abrasion resistant, finger like struts that extend off the face of the wiper enabling operators to dramatically increase both wiping efficacy and efficiency. The unique open cell construction results in very large surface area which enables operators to efficiently clean particulate contamination sized up to 750 microns. The large surface area in combination with the soft, flexible foam allows the wiper to conform to work surfaces, tooling and class III devices for complete cleaning. CleanWIPE’s sponge like properties enable operators to fine tune the amount of IPA delivered to a surface in order to clean difficult to remove materials such as epoxies and silicones much more efficiently. CleanWIPE is laundered with a proprietary process in an ISO class 5 clean room and is certified to pass ISO 10993-5 biocompatibility testing.


Improved Cleaning Productivity. Open-cell, large surface area foam enhances the ability to capture and remove even large fibers that result in lengthy and expensive inspection and rework procedures for medical device manufacturers.
Lint-Free. Open-cell, abrasion resistant polyurethane structure allows for true lint-free wiping.
Improve Sanitization. CleanWIPE’s uniform, super fine pore structure and super soft conformable foam evenly applies alcohol to work surfaces and medical devices.
Non-cytotoxic. Available certified non-cytotoxic and lot traceable to comply with FDA standard for the Medical Device industry.
Chemically compatible. Will not interfere with curing of platinum-cured silicone, adhesives gels and elastomers.
Assured Quality. CleanWIPE foam wipers are produced, washed, and packaged in an integrated ISO class 5 facility that employs a ISO 13485 quality system. All products are LOT tested and traceable to raw materials.

CleanWIPE® / The True "Lint-Free" Wiper

New CleanWIPE Cleanroom Foam Wiper

The open cell, finger-like structure of CleanWIPE foam is ideal for removing and trapping foreign matter of up to 750 microns in size from devices & cleanroom surfaces.

Used CleanWIPE Cleanroom Foam Wiper

Unlike fabric or non woven “lint free” wipers, CleanWIPE wipers do not trade off abrasion resistance for particulate and fiber removal. Polyurethane foam when presented with mechanical load, bends before it breaks.

Used CleanWIPE Cleanroom Foam Wiper W/ Scotch-Brite

CleanWIPE’s open cell, varigated structure with many interstices enables the efficient cleaning of surfaces contaminated with large amounts of particulate matter sized up to 750 microns.

Fiber Free Cleaning for Medical Device Manufacturing Video

CleanWIPE® Wipers / Cleanroom Foam Wipers