DrySAT™ Wipers / On-The-Spot Saturation Cleanroom Wiper

DrySAT™ Information

DrySAT is a clean room microfiber wiper packaged with a separate pouch of cleaning fluid to offer operators the cleanliness of dry wipers with the convenience and safety of presaturated wipers. DrySAT combines the cleaning power of MiraWIPE with semiconductor grade ultrapure water (UPW) and blends of UPW and IPA. DrySAT allows operators to easily wet the MiraWIPE with the cleaning solution just prior to use so as to maximize the cleanliness for critical process equipment wet cleans.

DrySAT leverages MiraWIPES woven microfiber and is precisely wetted with 7.75 ml’s of cleaning which enables scrubbing like cleaning action to dislodge, entrap and remove contaminants. The high tensile fabric and ultrasonic sealed edge provide unsurpassed resistance to abrasion and tearing to reduce in-use particle and fiber generation. Manufactured and processed for ISO 3 and higher cleanroom environments. Each pack is double bagged to aid cleanroom entry protocol.

DrySAT Process Benefits

Significantly reduces VOC’s for sensitive fab modules such as lithography, metrology and CVD.
Unsurpassed abrasion & snag resistance minimizes scratch defects and particle excursions associated with fab wipers.
For equipment PM’s, the lightly dampened, woven microfiber fabric is production proven to improve equipment uptime while reducing expensive test wafer usage.
Foamtec’s state of the art ISO 5 processing facilities produces a wiper optimized for use in the most advanced wafer fabs.
Eliminates contamination risks associated with IPA squirt bottles.

DrySAT Environmental Health & Safety Benefits

Reduce flammable chemical storage, solvent squirt bottles, and handling of IPA in the cleanroom.
Reduce fugitive VOC emissions and air permit implications associated with solvent wiping.
Reduce personnel exposure to isopropyl alcohol during cleanroom wipe downs.