FirmWIPE® Wipers / Felted Cleanroom Foam Wiper

The ultimate mop

FirmWIPE® Wiper Information

Cleaning excess medical grade silicone and adhesives from devices, tooling and epoxy dispensers in ISO 13485 clean rooms

Tooling such as epoxy dispensers, hand tools, and blades are routinely contaminated with adhesives and silicones. When cleaned with traditional polyester and non-woven "lint-free" wipers these tools become contaminated with fibers which cross-contaminate medical devices.

FirmWIPE® enables operators to quickly and thoroughly remove silicones and adhesives from the most critical surfaces without risk of shedding fibers that can result in FM contamination.

FirmWIPE is constructed from a high strength, felted PU foam that has high wicking with medical grade silicones and adhesives. This enables repeated cleaning of even viscous fluids greatly reducing wiper consumption and operator time. Further enhancing productivity is FirMWIPE’s high density design which enable operators to clean devices one handed as the sponge will not slide on the work surface.

FirmWIPE’s fully cross linked PU foam construction eliminates fiber and particle shedding making it ideal for cleanroom wiping applications where durability, fast wicking and drip free cleaning are essential.


• Open-cell polyurethane structure allows for fiber-free wiping.
• Excellent pick-up of Thick Film inks and solder paste.
• High density construction and sponge-like properties make it ideal for particle sensitive metal mask cleaning operations.
• High incineration rate to yield low ash for precious metal reclamation in Thick Film applications.
• Open-cell, felted foam structure allows for controlled transfer of solvent to optimize cleaning of Thick Film screens.
• Ester-based chemistry and felted construction enable broad solvent compatibility.
• Uniform porosity allows for excellent contamination pickup.

FirmWIPE® Wipers