PolyCHECK® Wipers / The Inspection & Verification Wiper

  • The ultimate mop

PolyCHECK® Wiper Information

The PolyCHECK® Wiper is constructed of a cleanroom grade black polyester fabric that is designed to attract and hold contamination. The ability to attract and hold particulate contamination enables quality engineers to employ PolyCHECK® as a sample collection device for cleanroom workstations, tooling and devices. PolyCHECK® combined with Foamtec's material science lab allows customers to perform forensic analysis inorder to understand sources of contamination in their manufacturing process.


• Eliminates the need to contact SEM stubs and tape to critical chamber surfaces.
• Allows for faster analysis of particle sources during tool excursion events.
• Perfect for defect analysis involving SEM stubs.


• Ideal for Go/No Go validation checks in vacuum maintainence procedures.
• Ideal for sampling surfaces, tooling and components to identify contamination sources in Semiconductor, Aerospace, Medical Device, Optical Display and Pharmaceutical(cGMP) industries.

PolyCHECK® Wipers