UltraSORB® Wipers / Lint Free Absorbent Wipe for ISO 7 cleanrooms

  • The ultimate mop

UltraSORB® Wiper Information

UltraSORB® is constructed from hydrophilic, open-cell foam sponge for cleanroom wiping applications that require high absorbency. Unlike fabric wipers, UltraSORB’s polyurethane foam construction eliminates the shedding of fibers and FM (particles > 25μm) to the cleanroom, making it ideal for medical device applications. UltraSORB®, due to its low shedding characteristics, static dissipative qualities, and low tribocharging of plastic surfaces, is perfect for cleaning catheter bodies and balloons made from Pebax®, PTFE, ePTFE, silicones, urethanes and nylon.

Due to its sponge-like wiping capability, fiber-free construction and ability to resist shedding of particles due to abrasion, it is widely used for Stencil, Thick Film Screen and Medical Device wiping applications.

Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema

UltraSORB® Wipers