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Redefining Wet Clean Performance: Foamtec’s MiraWipe Microfiber Wiper on Mattson’s Suprema Ash Tool

by | Dec 4, 2023

In the world of wafer fabs, the efficient removal of residual photoresist from patterned wafers is a critical process. Mattson’s Suprema ash tool has gained widespread deployment due to its exceptional ability to handle this task. To ensure optimal performance, wet cleaning is necessary, involving the wiping down of the chamber. Foamtec’s MiraWipe cleanroom microfiber wiper emerges as a game-changer in this process, revolutionizing wet clean performance. In this blog, we will explore how MiraWipe not only leaves chambers dry but also removes residual photoresist more effectively than standard cleanroom polyester wipers.

Efficient Residual Photoresist Removal:
The Suprema ash tool’s primary function is to remove residual photoresist from patterned wafers, ensuring high-quality output. MiraWipe offers an innovative solution by effectively and efficiently removing this residual photoresist. Its unique microfiber composition enables it to capture and hold onto particles with exceptional efficacy, leaving the wafers clean and ready for further processing.

Enhanced Cleaning Performance:
MiraWipe’s advanced microfiber technology allows it to excel in the wet cleaning process. Its superior absorbency and retention properties ensure that the residual photoresist is effectively absorbed, preventing it from redepositing on the wafers during the cleaning process. This results in a more efficient cleaning process and reduces the risk of contamination, ultimately leading to improved yields.

In Mattson Suprema tools process residue is not easily visible on the chamber making it imperative to use a wiper that can efficiently dislodge , entrap, and removed residue from the tool. MiraWIPE(Left) picking up process residue Polyester Wipes cannot (Right).

Reduced Cross-Contamination Risk:
Cross-contamination is a significant concern in wafer fabs, as it can impact the quality and functionality of the final product. MiraWipe’s ability to effectively remove residual photoresist reduces the risk of cross-contamination during the wet cleaning process. Its high-performance microfiber composition ensures that the removed photoresist is trapped within the wiper, preventing it from being transferred to other surfaces or wafers.

Quick and Effective Cleaning:
Time is a precious resource in wafer fabs, and efficiency is key. MiraWipe’s ability to remove residual photoresist more effectively than standard cleanroom polyester wipers significantly reduces cleaning time, leading to improved productivity. Its high-performance capabilities and superior cleaning results make it an ideal choice for the demanding requirements of the Suprema ash tool.

Foamtec’s MiraWipe cleanroom microfiber wiper is redefining wet clean performance on Mattson’s Suprema ash tool. By efficiently removing residual photoresist from patterned wafers, it ensures high-quality output and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. MiraWipe’s quick and effective cleaning capabilities save valuable time, ultimately enhancing productivity in wafer fabs. With MiraWipe, Foamtec has set a new standard in wet clean performance, offering an innovative solution for the demanding needs of the industry.

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