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Reduce Post PM Recovery Time via Foamtec International Chamber Cleaning Products

by | Apr 7, 2020

In today’s semiconductor industry, the demand for High Vacuum processes continues to grow, and the equipment continues to get more complicated and expensive. Wafer fabs are developing high precision maintenance (HPM) programs to improve equipment availability. Equipment RUN-to-RUN times must improve in order to reduce the cost of ownership and general operating costs. The two most significant contributors to lengthy RUN-to-RUN times are the ability for a chamber to return to a nominal base pressure and to meet particle adder requirements.

Foamtec International has dedicated numerous years designing and perfecting products that can help semiconductor manufacturers achieve improvements in both post PM particle performance and outgassing effect reduction.  The ScrubPAD, ScrubDISK, ErgoSCRUB, UltraSOLV, MiraWIPE, and MiraSAT product lines offer highly effective and ergonomic products that make the removal of process byproducts from vacuum chambers fast and straightforward.


The use of these products simultaneously reduces the need to employ solvents to attack deposition, yielding improved cleaning effectiveness with UPW / DI Water without the emission of volatile VOCs. If solvents are required to process deposition, Foamtec’s chamber cleaning products are compatible with H2O2, methanol, IPA and acetone and perform with improved effectiveness versus competing products.


Foamtec International’s sponges and wipers are designed to offer unmatched fluid absorbency, retention, and increased surface area leading to excellent foreign matter entrapment capabilities. Wafer fabs are rapidly adopting MiraWIPE and MiraSAT due to reduced post PM adders and outgassing. Outgassing occurs when foreign material is left in the process chamber following a PM. Typically, this is cleaning fluid or remaining process residues on wetted surfaces. The remaining foreign material inside of the vacuum chamber will continue to release vapors/gases until they have been baked out during chamber heat up, or until the matter evaporates under vacuum conditions.  This effect can lead to extended durations for a chamber to meet specified post PM, base pressure requirements. It can also lead to the rogue formation of particles, which negatively impacts yield budgets.



Foamtec International has demonstrated the effectiveness of our vacuum chamber cleaning products at numerous advanced wafer fabs across the industry.  Our mission is to put the most effective products in the hands of equipment engineers and equipment technicians to reduce operating costs and improve machine performance. Equipment engineers who have utilized our HPM techniques, experience reduction of PM durations, solvent and cleaning supply consumption, as well as enhanced particle performance throughout a chamber lifecycle.  Foamtec International has semiconductor industry experienced application engineers available to support customers as needed remotely or onsite.


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