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Revolutionize Ink Manufacturing for High-Reliability Electronics: Slash Costs and Boost Productivity with Foamtec’s Sahara + UltraSORB System.

by | May 22, 2024

The world of ink manufacturing for screen-printable electronics is a realm of precision. These inks form the foundation of critical passive electronic components like resistors, capacitors, sensors, chip packages, and hybrid circuits – all demanding the utmost reliability. Unfortunately, traditional cleaning methods in ink manufacturing pose a hidden threat to this reliability: fiber contamination.

The Silent Threat of Lint-Free Wipers:

Extensive manual cleaning of mixing tanks, blending equipment, and three-roll mills is a necessary part of the ink manufacturing process. Traditionally, manufacturers rely on large volumes of “lint-free” fabric wipers. However, these seemingly harmless tools harbor a deceptive danger.

  • Fiber Shedding—A Major Contamination Risk: Despite the “lint-free” label, these fabrics often shed large quantities of fibers during heavy-duty cleaning. These fibers, typically ranging from 25 to 2000 microns in length, can easily contaminate the ink.
  • Foreign Particles Compromise Reliability: These foreign particles can disrupt the electrical properties of the final components, leading to malfunctions and potentially compromising the reliability of the entire device.

Foamtec’s Solution: The Sahara + UltraSORB System

Foamtec presents a revolutionary two-step wiping process specifically designed to address the challenges of ink manufacturing for high-reliability electronics – the Sahara + UltraSORB system. This innovative solution streamlines cleaning operations, reduces costs, minimizes contamination risks, empowers manufacturers to improve significantly, and is used by the most advanced passive component manufacturers.

Step 1: Sahara – Powerful Scrubbing, Minimized Solvent Use

  • Fiber-Free, High-Strength Polyurethane Open-Cell Sponge:  The Sahara foam wiper replaces traditional fabric wipers. This design eliminates the risk of fiber contamination, safeguarding the high reliability of your inks.
  • Effective Scrubbing Action:  The unique texture of the Sahara foam allows for effective scrubbing of semi-dried paste from equipment surfaces. This mechanical action loosens even stubborn residues, minimizing the need for excessive solvents.
  • Reduced Solvent Consumption:  Tests show that the Sahara foam can cut solvent consumption by up to 50%. This translates to significant cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.
  • Safe on Equipment:  The Sahara foam’s gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures it won’t scratch or damage equipment surfaces.

Step 2: UltraSORB – Exceptional Absorption, Minimized Waste

  • Highly Absorbent Companion:  Following the scrubbing action of the Sahara foam, the UltraSORB wiper takes center stage. This highly absorbent open-cell foam efficiently picks up the loosened ink residue.
  • Squeezed-Out Efficiency:  Both Sahara and UltraSORB possess sponge-like properties. This allows the ink and solvent to be squeezed out of the wipers, maximizing ink recovery, and minimizing waste.
  • Reduced Reclamation Costs:  By capturing most ink and solvent from the foam waste stream, UltraSORB significantly reduces the volume of material requiring reclamation. This translates to lower disposal costs and potential revenue opportunities through ink recycling.

The Foamtec Advantage: A Win-Win for Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability

The Sahara + UltraSORB two-step wiping process offers a compelling value proposition for manufacturers of screen-printable inks used in high-reliability electronics:

  • Uncompromised Reliability:  Eliminate the risk of fiber contamination and safeguard the reliability of your critical electronic components.
  • Increased Productivity: The system’s efficient cleaning action minimizes cleaning time, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Reduced Costs:  Savings on wipers, solvents, and ink reclamation translate to a healthier bottom line.
  • Environmental Sustainability:  Reduced solvent consumption and increased ink recovery contribute to a more sustainable operation.

Embrace a cleaner, faster, and more reliable future for your high-reliability electronics ink manufacturing process. Contact Foamtec today to learn more about the revolutionary Sahara + UltraSORB system!