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Revolutionizing ESC Cleaning in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Foamtec’s Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Product Quality

by | Apr 25, 2023

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Electrostatic chucks (ESC) are used in semiconductor manufacturing to hold and position wafers during processing. They rely on an electrostatic force to keep the wafer in place, and as a result, process residue and byproducts can accumulate on the edge, helium grooves, and in the lift pin ports of the ESC. Current practices of using ceramic scrapers, razor blades, and Scotch-Brite to clean these areas can damage the chuck and leave residue behind that can cause high post PM particle counts and out-of-control (OOC) process uniformity. However, Foamtec’s ScrubWRIGHT, ScrubTIP, and MIRASWABs offer improvements for cleaning ESCs.

Foamtec’s ScrubTIP and ScrubWRIGHT are precision abrasive tools allowing for damage-free and particle-free ESC cleaning of ESCs. These tools are designed to clean recessed and scratch-sensitive areas of the ESC more effectively and efficiently than traditional cleaning methods. The ScrubTIP is a small abrasive tool specifically designed to clean the edge and helium grooves of the ESC. The device is made of a unique foam material impregnated with abrasive particles. The foam material conforms to the contours of the ESC, allowing for thorough cleaning without causing any damage.

The ScrubWRIGHT is a larger abrasive tool designed to clean the entire surface of the ESC. It is made of a fabric coated with abrasive particles and designed to fit onto a handle for ease of use.

Foamtec’s MiraSWAB is another product that offers improvements for cleaning ESCs. The MiraSWAB is a swab designed to clean particles accumulated in the lift pin port of the ESC. This area is typically hard to reach with traditional cleaning methods, but the MiraSWAB is designed to be flexible and maneuverable, allowing for thorough cleaning. The swab is made of a unique microfiber material that is designed to capture and retain particles, ensuring that they are not spread around during the cleaning process.

Foamtec’s ScrubWRIGHT, ScrubTIP, and MiraSWABs can provide several benefits when cleaning ESCs. These products can help reduce the risk of damage to the chuck, ensuring it continues to function correctly. They can also help to reduce particle contamination, which can lead to high post PM particle counts and OOC process uniformity. Additionally, these products can help to improve cleaning efficiency, allowing equipment techs to clean ESCs more quickly and effectively.

ESC Chuck Before and After being cleaned by Foamtec’s vacuum chamber cleaning tools.

In conclusion, Foamtec’s ScrubWRIGHT, ScrubTIP, and MiraSWABs improve cleaning electrostatic chucks. These precision abrasive tools allow for damage-free and particle-free cleaning of ESCs, ensuring that they continue to function correctly and reducing the risk of particle contamination. Using these products can help improve cleaning efficiency, allowing equipment techs to clean ESCs more effectively and efficiently. As a result, semiconductor manufacturers can achieve better process uniformity and product quality.




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