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Revolutionizing Guidewire and Catheter Manufacturing: Foamtec’s Unmatched ISO 7 Cleanroom Foam

by | Mar 21, 2023


The medical device industry constantly evolves, with new technologies and materials developed to improve patient care and streamline manufacturing processes. Foamtec, a leading manufacturer of high-quality foam products, has emerged as a critical player in this sector with its unique ability to produce ISO 7 clean, ISO 10993 biocompatible foam free of cytotoxins and endotoxins. In this blog, we will explore how Foamtec’s cutting-edge foam solutions enhance the cleaning and application of silicones, lubricous coatings, and epoxies in guidewire and catheter manufacturing operations while enabling high-volume medical facilities to automate these processes with custom shapes and rolls.

Unmatched Quality: ISO 7 Clean and Biocompatible Foam

Foamtec’s ISO 7 clean foam is an innovative material that meets stringent industry standards for cleanliness and biocompatibility. ISO 7 is a classification of air cleanliness based on the number of particles per cubic meter, ensuring high purity for sensitive medical applications. Additionally, Foamtec’s foam is certified to be ISO 10993 biocompatible, which means it is safe for medical devices that come into contact with human tissue or bodily fluids.

By eliminating cytotoxins and endotoxins, Foamtec’s foam significantly reduces the risk of contamination during guidewire and catheter manufacturing processes. Cytotoxins can harm or kill cells, while endotoxins are toxic substances released by bacteria that can cause severe patient reactions. By utilizing Foamtec’s advanced foam, manufacturers can ensure the safety and efficacy of their medical devices while maintaining strict quality control standards.

Enhancing Cleaning and Application Processes

Foamtec’s specialized foam is ideal for cleaning and applying silicones, lubricous coatings, and epoxies during guidewire and catheter manufacturing. The foam’s unique properties allow it to effectively remove contaminants and evenly distribute coatings, ensuring consistent performance and reducing the risk of device failure.

For example, the foam can clean guidewires and catheters before applying lubricous coatings that minimize friction during insertion and removal, improving patient comfort and reducing complications. Similarly, the foam can apply silicones or epoxies that strengthen and protect medical devices, ensuring they remain functional and durable throughout their lifecycle.

Customization and Automation for High-Volume Medical Facilities

Foamtec’s ability to fabricate custom shapes and rolls allows medical facilities to streamline their cleaning and application processes through automation. By creating foam shapes tailored to specific devices or manufacturing stages, Foamtec can help facilities improve efficiency, reduce manual labor, and minimize the risk of human error.

For high-volume medical facilities, automation is crucial in maintaining consistent quality control while meeting increasing demand. By incorporating Foamtec’s custom foam solutions into their production lines, manufacturers can reduce production time, increase throughput, and ultimately deliver safer, more effective medical devices to patients.


Foamtec’s ISO 7 clean, ISO 10993 biocompatible foam is a game-changer in the medical device industry, providing unmatched cleanliness and safety for guidewire and catheter manufacturing operations. By enhancing the cleaning and application processes of silicones, lubricous coatings, and epoxies and enabling automation through custom shapes and rolls, Foamtec is helping to revolutionize the production of medical devices, resulting in improved patient care and streamlined manufacturing processes.

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