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Safer, Cleaner & Less Costly Ion Implant PM

by | Mar 9, 2016

Now, more than ever, with advances in Moore’s Law becoming ever more expensive, wafer fabs are looking at all areas for cost reductions.
One area ripe for review are the costs associated with waste streams from Ion Implant tools in the form of toxic arsenic wastes.
Ion Implanters require frequent manual wet cleans to remove process residues from the Source, Beam line and process chamber sections of the tool. Each PM can require 200-400 clean room wipers and disposal costs can easily amount to $40 per pound given that the spent wipes contain both solvent and arsenic residues.
To enable safer, cleaner and less costly Ion Implant PM’s many fabs employ the UltraSOLV Chamber cleaning system that dramatically reduces the amount of scrubbing pads, wipers and the associated toxic waste.
To learn more about the UltraSOLV Chamber Cleaning System visit: