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Selecting the Proper Change Room Wiper Impacts the Cleanliness of the Cleanroom

by | Feb 22, 2023

Cleanrooms are vital in ensuring product quality in various industries, including medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor production, and optics manufacturing. These industries rely on cleanroom environments to ensure the integrity of their products, but the need for meticulous attention to detail extends far beyond the cleanroom itself.

One area often overlooked in cleanroom protocols is the selection of cleanroom wipers used in garment change rooms. Many cleanroom employees change into special garments to prevent outside contaminants from entering the cleanroom. Still, the wipers used in the change room can be a significant source of particle contamination.

Manufacturers in various industries have used the PolyCHECK particle identification system effectively to identify the types and sources of particle contamination. This system has highlighted the importance of carefully selecting the wipers in garment change rooms.

The particles shed from wipers used in the change room are easily transferred to the garments worn by employees. These particles can then be transferred into the cleanroom itself, compromising the quality of the products. This contamination can be especially problematic in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, where even small amounts of foreign particles can have serious consequences.

Contamination found on a cleanroom garment in an ISO5 cleanroom. Polyester and Polycellulose fibers were both from wipers. Polyester fibers were from the wiper used in the cleanroom and the Polycellulose fibers were transferred into the cleanroom from the change room where Polycellulose non-woven wipers were employed.

Manufacturers must take the time to carefully select cleanroom wipers for use in garment change rooms. Wipers designed and tested to remove contamination while avoiding shedding particles during use are critical. MiraWIPE cleanroom microfiber wipers are made with materials that minimize particle shedding and are designed to effectively remove particles from surfaces without leaving behind any residue.

In conclusion, cleanrooms are vital for ensuring product quality, but the need for meticulous attention to detail extends beyond the cleanroom itself. The selection of cleanroom wipers used in garment change rooms is crucial in minimizing particle contamination. By carefully choosing cleanroom wipers designed for use in these environments, manufacturers can help ensure the quality and safety of their products.

Foamtec’s PolyCHECK FM Identification Video

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