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Selecting the Right Wiper for Cleaner KLA Metrology Tools

by | May 30, 2024

KLA metrology tools are the workhorses of the semiconductor cleanroom, playing a crucial role in particle monitoring and troubleshooting. Their sensitivity to contamination makes them particularly susceptible to particle-induced issues, which can impact yield and quality.

Choosing the right wiper for KLA tools is critical to ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of contamination. While cost might be a factor, it’s crucial to consider the hidden costs associated with particle shedding from lower-cost wipers.

The Challenge of Hidden Particle Shedding:

Traditional cleaning approaches often involve a mix of wipers, with some specifically designed for final wipes or highly susceptible tools. While this strategy might seem cost-effective initially, it overlooks the hidden costs of particle shedding:

  • Incomplete Picture from PMs: Existing particle monitors (PMs) might not capture the full extent of particle shedding, especially from lower-cost wipers, leading to underestimating particle contamination risks.
  • Larger Particle Threat: Larger particles, often missed by PMs, can pose a significant risk for scratch defects on sensitive KLA tools, impacting yield and first-pass qualification rates.

Unveiling the Truth with PolyCHECK and MiraWIPE:

PolyCHECK and MiraWIPE offer a powerful solution to address these challenges:

  • PolyCHECK’s Deep Dive: PolyCHECK’s comprehensive analysis reveals the shedding behavior of all wipers, including those seemingly “clean” based on PM readings. This provides a deeper understanding of particle contamination risks associated with different wiper choices.
  • MiraWIPE’s Superior Cleanliness: MiraWIPE’s innovative design minimizes particle shedding to a level exceeding any other fab wiper, significantly reducing particle contamination risks and the potential for scratch defects.

Benefits of Cleaner KLA Tools:

  • Reduced Particle Contamination: Using MiraWIPE to clean KLA tools minimizes particle shedding, leading to cleaner tools, improved yield, and fewer defects.
  • Enhanced First-Pass Qualification Rates: Reduced particle contamination contributes to higher first-pass qualification rates, streamlining production and reducing costs associated with reworks.
  • Minimized Scratch Defects: MiraWIPE’s minimal shedding helps eliminate the risk of more significant particle-induced scratches on KLA tools.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: PolyCHECK data empowers informed decisions about cleaning processes, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness in the long run.


Selecting the right wiper for KLA metrology tools is a critical decision. By utilizing PolyCHECK and targeted cleaning trials with MiraWIPE, you can comprehensively understand particle contamination and ensure cleaner tools, higher yields, and, ultimately, superior device quality.

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