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The Coronavirus: Social Distancing & the Face Mask Culture

by | May 11, 2020

As cases of the Coronavirus continue to rise, preventative practices such as social distancing and face masks are slowly becoming a part of American culture.

In several states, the CDC now requires all residents – sick or healthy – to wear facial coverings in public settings. Most stores will not allow you in without a face mask and enforce a 6-foot distancing rule. Since face masks are in such short supply, many are forced to make their own or deal with price gougers in order to purchase essential grocery items.

pic01Photo: Braulio Jatar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Another concerning issue that has risen with our worldwide pandemic is large amounts of discarded, single-use masks in public, leaving a negative impact on the environment and possible safety concerns.


A composite image shows discarded face masks on the sidewalks and streets of New York City on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. (Gardiner Anderson/for New York Daily News)

The solution? Foamtec International has developed the ConFORM™ Cover, a reusable foam face cover that is both easily washable and incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The ConFORM™ Cover is ideal for those experiencing discomfort when speaking or breathing through their homemade or store-bought face masks.


The ConFORM™ Cover is now available on Amazon

How to Hand Wash the ConFORM™ Cover