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The Impact of COVID-19 on Wafer Fab Operations

by | Mar 27, 2020

With the recent impact that COVID-19 has had on today’s society, one of the biggest challenges is the reduction of staff for essential businesses to remain operational. Semiconductor fabs are struggling to maintain wafer starts in the face of quarantine and work-from-home mandates related to the Coronavirus.

Foamtec International’s mission is to provide products that aid in the reduction of labor input needs to accomplish tasks such as equipment PMs and surface cleaning. Foamtec offers a robust line of equipment PM products that provide improved ergonomics and cleaning speeds for surface scrubbing applications.

The ErgoSCRUB product line allows technicians to reduce labor input, as well as improve ergonomic strains related to scrubbing large surface areas. Our ErgoSCRUB Handles feature a 3.5” diameter scrubbing surface with an ergonomically friendly hand grip and the option of hook and loop (Velcro) or pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) scrub pad attachment system.


When the ErgoSCRUB handle is paired with our various offerings of ScrubDISK Diamond Grit scrub pads, the tools can be adapted to nearly any application requiring surface scrubbing. The handles are reusable and offer long service life. These products are widely employed in CVD, ETCH, Ion Implant equipment PMs with large surface areas requiring process residue removal.


The PneuSCRUB product line allows operators to significantly reduce labor inputs to achieve desired cleaning results on large surface areas. The PneuSCRUB device is a cleanroom rated pneumatically powered orbital sanding tool designed for use with the hook and loop (Velcro) Diamond Grit ScrubDISKS. Diamond ScrubDISKS and ScrubPADS are currently used in semiconductor fabs across the industry. PneuSCRUB dramatically reduces the time and labor input needed to accomplish the same surface scrubbing tasks that are now carried out manually. PneuSCRUB is ergonomically designed to improve operator comfort and scrubbing efficiency. PneuSCRUB is ideal for cleaning and scrubbing stubbornly adhered, legacy process deposition for Ion Implant, Etch, and CVD equipment PMs.

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