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The Ultimate Guide to CleanWIPE® Cleanroom Foam Swabs for Cleanroom Applications

by | May 8, 2023

Today, we’ll be diving deep into the CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs offered by Foamtec International WCC, a leading provider of high-quality cleanroom supplies. These swabs have been designed for superior cleaning and contamination control in cleanroom environments. Let’s take a closer look at their unique features, applications, and benefits.

Unique Features of CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs:

CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs stand out in the market for their superior construction and innovative design. Key features include:

• 100 PPI open-cell polyurethane foam: This foam material provides excellent particle entrapment and solvent holding capacity, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.
• Laundered, cleanroom-compatible foam: The swabs are thoroughly laundered in a cleanroom environment, ensuring they are free of contaminants before use.
• Thermally bonded construction: CleanWIPE® Swabs are manufactured using a thermal bonding process, which eliminates the need for adhesives and ensures a more secure attachment of the foam head to the handle.
• Rigid handles: The swab handles are made from durable, providing ease of use and precision during the cleaning process.

Applications of CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs:

CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs are designed for a variety of cleanroom applications, including:

• Removing contaminants from surfaces and equipment
• Cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas
• Applying lubricants or other liquids
• Sampling surfaces for potential contaminants

These swabs are commonly used in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing, and aerospace.

Benefits of Using CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs:

When it comes to cleanroom maintenance and cleaning, CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs offer a range of benefits:

• Superior cleaning performance: The open-cell foam structure ensures efficient particle entrapment and solvent holding capacity, leading to effective contamination removal.
• Reduced risk of contamination: The thermal bonding process eliminates the use of adhesives, reducing the risk of introducing contaminants into the cleanroom environment.
• Enhanced durability: Rigid handles provide increased durability and precision during use.
• Wide range of applications: CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs can be used across various industries and applications, making them a versatile solution for cleanroom cleaning needs.


CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs by Foamtec International WCC offer a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining cleanliness in cleanroom environments. With their unique features, a wide range of applications, and various benefits, these swabs are a valuable addition to any cleanroom maintenance toolkit. To learn more about CleanWIPE® Foam Swabs or other cleanroom products, visit Foamtec International WCC’s website or get in touch with their knowledgeable team.

CleanWIPE® Cleanroom Foam Swabs