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UltraMOP SW: Advanced Polyurethane Foam Technology for Particle-Free GMP Cleanrooms

by | Mar 22, 2024

Engineered for Effective and Validated Cleanroom Mopping
Foamtec’s UltraMOP SW self-wringing mop heads are designed to meet the rigorous demands of cleanroom mopping in GMP facilities. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities, these innovative mops offer a unique combination of cleaning performance, particle control, and disinfection compatibility:
  • Validated Polyurethane Foam: Made in-house using our advanced technical foam capabilities, the UltraMOP SW features a proprietary, tear-resistant polyurethane foam composition. This material has been rigorously tested and validated for common sporicides, disinfectants, and repeated autoclave cycles, ensuring compatibility with your cleaning protocols.
  • Eliminates Particle Shedding: A critical concern in cleanroom environments, the UltraMOP SW’s pin-hole-free foam construction significantly minimizes particle shedding during mopping. This reduces the risk of contamination and ensures cleaning efficacy.
  • Precise Disinfectant Control: The unique foam structure allows the disinfectant to be controlled and applied directly to the cleaning surface, minimizing waste and optimizing cleaning efficiency.

Additional Benefits of the UltraMOP SW:
  • Autoclave Compatibility: UltraMOP SW mop heads are compatible with SOPs involving repeated autoclaving, ensuring long-lasting performance and sterility.
  • Gamma Irradiation Option: For applications requiring the highest level of sterility, UltraMOP SW mop heads are also available gamma irradiated with a SAL of 10E-6.
  • Universal Compatibility: These mop heads are designed to fit seamlessly with *Roll-O-Matic® brand self-wringing mop handles, simplifying integration into existing cleaning protocols.
  • Lot-to-Lot Consistency: Manufactured in our advanced cleanroom fabrication facility, UltraMOP SW guarantees consistent quality and performance across every batch.
Experience the UltraMOP SW Difference
Foamtec’s UltraMOP SW mops offer a superior cleanroom disinfection and mopping solution. With their validated foam composition, exceptional particle control, autoclave compatibility, and optional gamma irradiation, UltraMOP SW empowers you to maintain a clean and sterile environment confidently.
Contact Foamtec today to learn about UltraMOP SW and how it can elevate your cleanroom cleaning processes.
*Roll-O-Matic® is a registered trademark of Freudenberg Household Products LP.