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UltraMOP SW – Self Wringing Mop System for Maintaining and Cleaning Sterile Environments

by | Jun 19, 2023

Foamtec’s solutions provide the peace of mind to GMP housekeepers using *Roll-O-Matic® style self-wringing mops heads.

As a cleanroom operator, partnering with Foamtec means gaining access to industry-leading cleanliness, absorbency, disinfectant resistance, and particle shedding reduction.

Foamtec’s technical foam manufacturing process takes cleanliness to a whole new level. Controlling the entire production process in-house allows us to meticulously manufacturer the foam and process mop heads in a controlled environment, minimizing the risk of contamination. This attention to detail guarantees that the foam mop heads meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of GMP cleanrooms.

When it comes to efficient cleaning in a cleanroom, absorbency is critical. Foamtec’s technical foam excels in this aspect, offering exceptional absorbency properties. Its unique cellular structure lets it quickly absorb and retain liquids, preventing potential spills and drips that could compromise the cleanroom’s integrity. With Foamtec’s foam, cleaning tasks become more efficient, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination, and maximizing productivity.

Maintaining a clean and sterile environment involves the use of powerful disinfectants. Foamtec’s technical foam is specially engineered to resist a wide range of disinfectants including Spor-Klenz and bleach formulations, ensuring its longevity and performance despite rigorous cleaning protocols. This resistance to disinfectants allows for effective decontamination without compromising the integrity of the foam, providing a reliable and durable solution for cleanroom maintenance.

Particle shedding is a persistent concern in cleanroom environments, as it can compromise product quality and jeopardize sensitive processes. Foamtec’s technical foam sets a new standard in particle shedding reduction. Unlike other self-wringing mop heads that may suffer from foam crumbling issues, Foamtec’s meticulous foam manufacturing process ensures they retain their structural integrity, even during heavy duty mopping protocols. This eliminates the risk of foam particles contaminating the cleanroom environment, providing cleanroom operators with the peace of mind they need.

In conclusion, Foamtec’s in-house technical foam manufacturing is at the forefront of cleanroom maintenance solutions. Their unwavering commitment to industry-leading cleanliness, absorbency, disinfectant resistance, and particle shedding reduction makes them the ideal partner for cleanroom operators who demand excellence. With Foamtec’s innovative self-wringing mop head, crafted with their technical foam, cleanrooms can be maintained with unparalleled performance without concerns of foam crumbling contamination. Embrace Foamtec’s solutions and elevate your cleanroom maintenance to new heights.

*Roll-O-Matic® is a registered trademark of Freudenberg Household Products LP.

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