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UltraSOLV® Swabs: High-Volume Manufacturing for Unparalleled Cleanliness in Critical Environments

by | Apr 12, 2024

Foamtec’s UltraSOLV® 1700 Series Swabs are meticulously crafted to deliver superior cleaning performance in critical environments. Produced in our high-volume swab manufacturing facility, capable of generating over 50 million cleanroom swabs monthly, UltraSOLV® swabs benefit from industry-leading efficiency and rigorous quality control.

Automated Inspection Ensures Flawless Swab Construction

Each UltraSOLV® swab undergoes automated inspection, guaranteeing the highest quality tip construction and consistent performance. This ensures you receive swabs free of defects and ready to tackle your most demanding cleaning challenges.

HT1703 UltraSOLV Swab 3″ Small Semi Flexible Tip

Unmatched Absorption for Superior Cleaning:

  • UltraSOLV® Foam: The Secret Weapon—The core of UltraSOLV®’s success lies in its innovative, highly absorbent UltraSOLV® foam tip. This advanced, hydrophilic material acts as an exceptional contaminant magnet, attracting and retaining even the most stubborn particles and residues. The result? is a pristine surface free of microscopic impurities.
  • Reduced Particle Transfer: Unlike traditional swabs prone to fiber shedding and contamination, UltraSOLV® boasts a completely fiber-free construction. The unique thermal bonding process eliminates adhesive residue, guaranteeing an uncompromised clean.

Ideal for Sensitive Equipment and Processes:

  • Surface Safeguarding: The remarkable strength and abrasion-resistant properties of the UltraSOLV® foam tip minimize particle generation during cleaning. This makes it ideal for delicate components like optics and hard drive assemblies, where even minor scratches can compromise functionality.
  • UltraSoft Touch: What truly sets UltraSOLV® apart is its unique foam composition. The high-density yet super soft foam tip effectively dampens the plastic handle, preventing it from contacting and potentially scratching sensitive parts during cleaning.
  • Low Ionic & NVR Profile: Engineered and laundered to ensure purity. UltraSOLV® swabs exhibit exceptionally low ionic and Non-Volatile Residue (NVR) levels. This critical feature safeguards the integrity of sensitive devices during cleaning protocols.

Versatility for Diverse Applications:

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning: UltraSOLV® 1700 swabs excel in various cleaning applications beyond cleanrooms. These swabs deliver unparalleled cleaning in critical environments, from medical devices and optics to hi-vacuum equipment with O-ring grooves and intricate components.
  • Tailored Tip Selection: Offered in a comprehensive range of tip sizes, UltraSOLV® swabs provide the ideal solution for cleaning even the most challenging, hard-to-reach areas.

The UltraSOLV® Advantage: Trustworthy Cleanliness Every Time

UltraSOLV® swabs are the culmination of innovative design, rigorous manufacturing processes, and stringent quality control. Whether you safeguard sensitive optics, maintain the integrity of medical devices, or ensure the flawless operation of electronic components, UltraSOLV® delivers:

  • Superior particle entrapment
  • Minimal fiber shedding
  • A level of cleanliness you can trust

Experience the UltraSOLV® Difference

Contact us today to learn how UltraSOLV® swabs can elevate critical cleaning processes!

UltraSOLV® Swabs