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UltraSORB Cleanroom Foam Wipes – A True Lint-Free Cleaning Solution

by | May 19, 2023

Foamtec’s UltraSORB cleanroom foam wipers are a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the concept of lint-free cleaning in cleanroom environments. Unlike fabric-based cleanroom wipers marketed as “lint-free,” UltraSORB stands true to its claim, ensuring an unparalleled 100% lint-free performance.

One of the primary challenges faced by fabric-based cleanroom wipers is the shedding of fibers when exposed to abrasion stress during wiping. These wipers may claim to be lint-free initially, but in practice, they disappoint users by releasing particles and fibers that contaminate the cleanroom environment. This shortcoming can lead to compromised product quality and even costly cleanroom shutdowns for maintenance.

20x Photo Micrograph of Polycellulose Wipe before and after use

20x Photo Micrograph of Polyester Wipe before and after use

20x Photo Micrograph of UltraSORB Wipes before and after use

UltraSORB takes a different approach by leveraging the exceptional properties of polyurethane foam construction. This advanced material offers a unique combination of interlocking 12-sided pores and flexible characteristics, which effectively prevent particle shedding even under heavy abrasion loads. The interlocking structure of the foam ensures that no loose fibers are released during wiping, providing a truly lint-free cleaning experience.

The key advantage of UltraSORB lies in its polyurethane foam composition. The foam’s flexibility allows it to conform to the surface being cleaned, providing consistent contact and enhanced particle capture. This superior conformability ensures efficient cleaning while minimizing the risk of particle decontamination.

Additionally, UltraSORB’ s interlocking 12-sided pores contribute to its exceptional particle retention capabilities. The pores efficiently trap and hold contaminants, preventing their redistribution during the cleaning process. This unique feature ensures that particles are effectively removed and retained within the foam, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination and preserving the integrity of the cleanroom environment.

In summary, Foamtec’s UltraSORB cleanroom foam wipers offer a game-changing solution to the long-standing issue of lint and particle shedding during cleanroom wiping. With its polyurethane foam construction, UltraSORB outperforms fabric-based wipers by providing a truly 100% lint-free cleaning experience. The interlocking 12-sided pores and flexible characteristics of the foam prevent particle shedding from abrasion loads, ensuring superior cleanliness, and minimizing the risk of contamination. Experience the future of cleanroom wiping with Foamtec’s UltraSORB foam wipers.

UltraSORB Cleanroom Foam Wipes

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