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UltraSORB Cleanroom Static Dissipative Foam Wipers: Safeguarding ESD-Sensitive Components

by | Oct 26, 2023

In the manufacturing world, precision and quality are paramount, especially in electronic assemblies for high-reliability applications in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. These industries rely heavily on cleanrooms, specifically Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe cleanrooms, to protect their static-sensitive components. In such environments, every detail matters, and that’s where UltraSORB Cleanroom Static Dissipative Foam Wipers shine as an ideal solution.

The Polyester Wiper Misconception

Many ESD-sensitive cleanrooms use polyester wipers as temporary work and transport platforms for their static-sensitive components. These wipers are laid on top of ESD mats, assuming that components are adequately protected from ESD events. However, there’s a hidden challenge – tribocharging.

Tribocharging occurs when materials rub against each other, generating an electrostatic charge. When components are moved onto and off of these polyester wipers, tribocharging becomes a significant concern. This electrostatic charge can easily damage or compromise sensitive electronic components, leading to costly rework and rejected products.

UltraSORB: The Ideal Solution

UltraSORB Cleanroom Static Dissipative Foam Wipers offer a revolutionary solution to this predicament. Here’s why they are the perfect choice for safeguarding ESD-sensitive components:

  1. Static Dissipative Properties: UltraSORB wipers are inherently static dissipative. They are designed to control and dissipate electrostatic charges effectively. This feature is vital for ensuring the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.
  2. Foam Construction: The wipers are constructed from a hydrophilic, open-cell foam sponge. This unique material not only provides exceptional absorbency but also eliminates the shedding of fibers and larger particles (>25μm). This is crucial in preventing contamination in cleanroom environments.
  3. Versatile Applications: UltraSORB’s pliable nature allows it to conform easily to three-dimensional surfaces. It is an excellent wiping tool and an ideal platform for tools and devices used in the assembly process.
  4. Biocompatibility: These biocompatible wipers are ideal for cleaning implantable class 2 and class 3 medical devices that must meet stringent pyrogen and cytotoxicity testing requirements.
  5. Bioburden Control: UltraSORB wipers are 100% lint-free, eliminating a significant source of fibers that can promote microbial growth in cleanrooms.

Available in various sizes, UltraSORB wipers cater to the specific needs of cleanroom operations:

  • HT4626: 24″x36″ wipers for covering work surfaces and wrapping sensitive components.
  • HT4644: 4″X4″ wipers for cleaning small components.
  • HT4666: 6″x 6″ versatile wipers for cleaning work surfaces, tools, and components.
  • HT4669: 6″x9″ high liquid holding wiper for cleaning work surfaces and equipment.
  • HT4690: 9″x9″ wipers for cleaning work surfaces, equipment, and workmats.
  • HT4699: 9″x9″ high liquid holding wiper for cleaning work surfaces and equipment.


In ESD-sensitive cleanrooms, where precision and cleanliness are non-negotiable, the choice of wipers is critical. UltraSORB Cleanroom Static Dissipative Foam Wipers offer a comprehensive solution, addressing the tribocharging challenge and ensuring electronic components’ safety and integrity. By incorporating these wipers into cleanroom practices, medical, automotive, and aerospace manufacturers can enhance their production processes, reduce rework costs, and deliver high-quality, reliable electronic assemblies to the market. UltraSORB is the ultimate choice for those who prioritize excellence in ESD-safe cleanroom environments.

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