PharmaMOP GO Cleanroom Mop System

PharmaMOP GO w/ Foam Scrubbing strips and Microfiber features a hands-free design for thorough cleaning for cleanrooms.

Improved Cleanroom Cleaning in Response to COVID-19

PharmaMOP GO Microfiber mops provide thorough cleaning for cleanrooms.

How to Clean Dycem Cleanroom Gowning Room Mats in Response to COVID-19

PharmaMOP GO Microfiber mopheads provide optimal cleaning for Dycem mats and Gowning Rooms.

Foamtec's FM Identification and Reduction Program

Foamtec can help identify and reduce unknown foreign materials to increase productivity.

Ergonomic Hands-Free Cleanroom Mopping

PharmaMOP® GO allows janitorial staff to use proper ergonomic motion for improved cleaning efficiency.

Robust Rinsing for Proactive Management of Disinfectant Residues

The PharmaMOP® GO System enables rinsing protocols on equipment, walls, ceilings and floors to be more robust and efficient.

Ion Implant Source Bushing Preventive Maintenance

Sahara polyurethane sponges enable equipment techs to quickly remove process by-product from ion implant bushings while avoiding scratch and abrasion damage of the polymer coating.

PharmaSAT Improves Wafer Fab Housekeeping

PharmaSAT offers wiper like cleaning efficacy with high efficiency giving operators results without being too time consuming.

Improve Disinfectant Contact Time for Cleaning & Disinfection of Critical Aseptic Equipment

CoverMAX® improves cleanroom disinfection & cleaning SOP's with greater contact times and residue removal.

Improve Ion Implant PM Performance

ScrubPAD's enhance PM procedures by removing hardened processed residue with minimal particle generation & low salt and metal content..

Cheaper Easier Way to Clean Chambers

Polyester wipers been the conventional wiper for cleanrooms. Why should you consider alternative wiping products?

Class 3 Medical Device Cleaning

Cleanroom foam wipers enable operators to remove adhesives and elastomers left behind by standard cleanroom wipers.

How to Clean & Disinfect Cleanroom Walls

The Sahara+ PharmaMOP® Mophead removes contaminants from cleanroom walls by dislodging, entraping and removing particulates.

How to Clean & Disinfect Non-Skid Cleanroom Floors

We take a look at common mops used in cleanrooms and view the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Cleaning Disinfectant Residuals

Effective wiping is a key component to cleaning SOP's in aseptic manufacturing areas. The MiraWIPE® is ideal for cleaning disinfectant residuals.

Reduce Sources of Foreign Materials in Medical Device Cleanrooms

Improve your cleaning SOP's to ensure the highest level of cleanliness for your medical device cleanroom.

ConFORM™ Cover - How to Hand Wash Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to hand wash the ConFORM™ Cover.

Decontamination Animation

Take a look at the inefficiencies of polyester wipers and how you could be leaving harmful particles and fibers in your cleanroom.

AMAT Endura PVD DeGas Chamber PM BKM

Learn how ScrubKITS allow you to clean DeGas Chambers safely with minimal amounts of DI water.

Novellus Speed HDP CVD Dome Scrub PM BKM

Reduce cost and tool downtimes with ScrubKITS. Learn how this product works.

How To Clean PCB Stencil Printers

UltraSORB Wipers are highly effective in removing excess solder paste left behind in stencil solder printing processes.

Fiber Free Cleaning for Medical Device Manufacturing

Learn how CleanWIPE Wipers can reduce FM in medical device manufacturing facilities.

VOC Free Cleanroom Wiping

Learn how to replace IPA with DI Water in Cleanroom cleaning applications.

Maximizing Post PM Surface Cleanliness in Hi-Vacuum Chambers

MiraWIPE® is a cleanroom microfiber wipe purpose built to maximize surface cleanliness in Hi-Vacuum Process Equipment.

How To Assemble The PharmaMOP®

Learn how to assemble the PharmaMOP® for quick, proactive, cleanroom cleaning solution.

Shutdown Triple Clean on Lyophilizer Equipment

The Sahara+ System provides the perfect solution for removing disinfectant residues, particles, and contaminants off stainless steel surfaces.

How To Clean Disinfectant Residues from 316 Stainless Steel Equipment in Cleanrooms

The Sahara+ System allows operators to dislodge, entrap, and remove harmful contaminants quickly & efficiently.

How To Clean 316 Stainless Steel in Aseptic Manufacturing [Chinese]


How To Clean 316 Stainless Steel in Aseptic Manufacturing [English]
  • Remove disinfectant based stains stainless steel and w/o fear of scratching. Cleanroom approved for use in Pharmaceutical and Medical device applications.


How To Clean 316 Stainless Steel in Aseptic Manufacturing [Italian]

Rimuovere le macchie a base di disinfettanti in acciaio inox e senza paura di graffiare. Cleanroom approvato per l'uso in Farmaceutica e applicazioni per dispositivi medici.

How To Clean 316 Stainless Steel in Aseptic Manufacturing [Spanish]

Quite las manchas de desinfectantes acero inoxidable y sin temor a rayar. Salas Blancas aprobado para su uso en aplicaciones farmacéuticas y de dispositivos médicos.

Improve Cleanliness of Stainless Steel Floor Plates by Effectively Removing Disinfectant Residues

The unique ribbed microfiber fabric employed in the FS869 PharmaMOP® Mophead allows operators to remove disinfectant residues that is stubbornly adhered to surfaces in GMP facilities.

How to Clean Spor-Klenz Residue from Cleanroom Stainless Steel Kick Plates

The Sahara+ System cleans disinfectant residues quickly and efficiently from stainless steel kick plates. Explore how you can improve your cleanroom.

How to Clean Rust from Stainless Steel in GMP Facilities Video

The Sahara Remediation kit is the ultimate tool for cleaning stainless steel processing tanks. Watch how easily it removes rouge and disinfectants.

How to Clean Spor-Klenz Residue from Cleanrooms

The PharmaMOP® is a first-class cleanroom mop with advanced ergonomics making it the perfect tool to clean windows in a cleanroom facility with only 70% IPA.

How to Clean Disinfectant Residues in GMP Facilities to Aid Compliance with 21cfr211 Guidelines

The Sahara Buffing Pads have changed the industry, operators can now dramatically reduce down times and cost while maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.

CVD Injector Nozzle Preventive Maintenance BKM

How to clean injector nozzles.

Reduce Post PM Particles in High-Vacuum Chambers

Reduce post PM particle levels in high vacuum chambers with the ErgoSCRUB and MiraWIPE®.

How To Clean Thick Film Screen Printers

We compare wipers and show you how to maximize the cleanliness of thick film screens.

LAM 2300 Metal Etch Preventive Maintenance BKM

Reduce tool downtimes and achieve the highest level of cleanliness with our ScrubKITS.

High-Vacuum Chamber Component BKM

UltraSOLV® foam swabs allow technicians to clean hard to access areas such as Screw Threads, O-Ring Grooves, View Ports, and Vacuum Ports.

How to Use PharmaMOP® Cleanroom Mops

The PharmaMOP™ is an ultra-lightweight mop equipped with a 360° locking head, as well as an extendable handle.

Reduce Ergonomic Issues and Scrubbing Time for Annual Preventative Maintanence Wet Cleans

Reduce tool downtimes and achieve the highest level of cleanliness with our ScrubKITS.

Reduce Ion Implant Wet Clean Time - Preventive Maintenance BKM

Reduce tool downtimes and achieve the highest level of cleanliness with our ScrubKITS.

Proper Cleaning of O-Ring Grooves to Prevent Scratches and Vacuum Leaks

Preventing High Vacuum Leaks due to improper cleaning of O-Ring Grooves.

How to Reduce the Cost of Cleaning Conductive Ink from Thick Film Screens

Learn how the UltraSORB® wiper can reduce the cost of cleaning thick film screens.

How to Remove Rust from a Stainless Steel Autoclave

Learn how to remove rust and rouge from stainless steel surfaces with the Sahara Corrosion Cleaning kit.

ScrubPAD vs Scotch-Brite™ Particle Demonstration

Traditional abrasives such as Scotch-Brite™ generate large amounts of metal contaminants that are difficult to remove from chambers.

How To Clean and Disinfect Biological Safety Cabinets

Traditional polyester wipers do not enable operators to easily follow aseptic cleaning SOP's due to its limited physical properties.

SurfCHECK Cleaning Validation Swab

Cleaning validation is essential to a clean facility. The SurfCHECK is pre-cleaned and certified to less than 30ppb TOC to ensure meaningful recovery and test results

The Sahara+ System Improves Cleaning of Non-Viable Particles

The Sahara+ System is a next generation cleaning system combining the powers of the Sahara Sponge and MiraWIPE® to create extraordinary cleaning results.

UltraSORB® Reduces Cost & Improves Solder Paste Stencil Cleanliness

UltraSORB® foam wipers can more efficiently remove solder paste using less wipers and fewer strokes.

How to Improve Cleaning and Disinfection to Comply with Annex 1 Guidelines

Learn how to prevent rust and rouge with the Sahara+ System.

Optimized Wiping to Improve PM Procedures in Wafer Fabs

Learn how to improve cleanliness and reduce costs when wet cleaning vacuum chambers in wafer fabs.

How to Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds in Wafer Fabs

Learn how to replace IPA with DI Water.