Improve Disinfectant Contact Time for Cleaning & Disinfection of Critical Aseptic Equipment

  • Products Used: CoverMAX®
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Cleaning and Disinfection SOP's are a key step to the control of micro organisms in aseptic manufacturing facilities. Traditionally, polyester wipers have been employed to apply germicides and sporicides to critical horizontal surfaces such as sterile hoods. CoverMAX® is a new wiper developed specifically to improve aseptic cleaning SOP's. Given high air flows in cleanroom environments, it is very difficult to meet cleaning SOP's. In order to acheive better results, operators should have access to a wiper that applies enough disinfectant to meet label specified contact times. Traditional cleanroom polyester wipers do not allow operators to reliably meet minimum contact times. The patent pending triple layer polyester over foam construction of CoverMAX® enables operators to reliably meet contact times. CoverMAX® enables even inexperienced operators to comply with decontamination SOP's.