Clean & Disinfect Cleanroom Walls

  • Products Used: PharmaMOP®
  • Part Number: FT416D & FS859SH
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PharmaMOP® is a super lightweight, all surface mopping system designed to provide a new level of cleanliness to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The wringerless, no drip design provides exceptional ergonomics and efficiency to clean walls, ceilings and vertical surfaces. The Sahara+ mop head enables operators to effectively remove soils and residues from critical surfaces. The mop system is completely compatible with all commonly used disinfectants and sporicides. This new level of cleaning give facilities greater control of viable and non-viable contaminates. The Sahara+ PharmaMOP® mop head combines a super strong foam that dislodges micro-organisms and residues and a microfiber cleanroom fabric that removes contamination allowing operators to leave surfaces in like new conditions.