Decontamination Animation

  • Products Used: MiraWIPE & CoverMAX
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Work surfaces on a microscopic scale are much rougher than they appear. Rough work surfaces promote growth of micro-organisms. Traditional wipers with sterile alcohol are commonly used to clean soiled surfaces. Incomplete cleaning inhibits disinfection. Polyester wipers do not provide adequate coverage and contact time. To control spores, aggressive sporicidal agents are employed. The combination of poor cleaning & inadequate coverage and contact time lead to spore formation. Incomplete pickup means disinfectant residues left behind. Traditional cleanroom wipers lead to excursions. MiraWIPE's microfiber fabric improves cleaning effectiveness. MiraWIPE removes contamination to the bare surface. MiraWIPE removes more soil burden than polyester wipers. MiraWIPE more effectively prepares surfaces for disinfection. CoverMAX is specially designed to provide excellent disinfection putdown, giving greater coverage and contact time, leading to increased kill ratios. MiraWIPE's excellent absorbency means total disinfectant removal. MiraWIPE's cleaning efficiency and CoverMAX's coverage and contact time result in robust decontamination.