Ion Implant Source Bushing PM

  • Products Used: Sahara Sponge, MiraWIPE and 3% H2O2
  • Part Number: HS4855, HT5790S
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Sahara polyurethane sponges enable equipment techs to quickly remove process by-product from ion implant bushings while avoiding scratch and abrasion damage of the polymer coating.

Wet Clean Advantages

1. Environmental Health & Safety - Safely and quickly remove ion implant by-product with 3% H2O2 reducing operator exposure to arsenic, phosphine and boron process by-product. Eliminate fire and smoke hazards associated with Scotch-Brite
2. Contamination Control - Eliminate metallic adders and particle shedding associated with Scotch-Brite
3. Process Improvements - Eliminate post-pm arcing associated with abrasion damage to the polymer coating.
4. Cost of Ownership - Dramatically increase source bushing service life.