Cleaning Medical Device Cleanrooms

  • Products Used: Sahara+ PharmaMOP
  • Part Number: FS859SH & FT416D
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In order to control contamination, medical device firms have cleaning protocols that require floors to be mopped multiple times per day. The objective of the cleaning SOP is to control bioburdens, fibers and particles. A common cleaning challenge faced by all medical device facilities is the inability to remove large fibers, hairs and particles that are tact down to the floors by disinfectant residues. It is well understood that medical devices be kept free of contamination in order to avoid costly rework, inspection, and recleaning. The cleanroom grade Sahara+ PharmaMOP is constructed with the Sahara foam, which dislodges and entraps large fibers and particles and hybrid microfiber which entraps and removes soils, bioburdens, small particles. This allows facilities to upgrade their cleaning practices. For the first time, and in a single step, medical device firms can now apply disinfectant cleaners while removing stubbornly adhered contaminants such as particles, bioburdens and large fibers. The Sahara+ PharmaMOP enables medical device firms to upgrade their cleaning procedures and avoid the unnecessary contamination risks now presented by fibers being tact down to cleanroom floors by disinfectant residues.