PharmaSAT Improves Wafer Fab Housekeeping

PharmaSAT is a presaturated mophead designed to be used on floors, walls, ceilings and equipment while leaving the surface clean and dry within seconds. PharmaSAT's outstanding ergonomics and lightweight design allow inaccessible surfaces to be cleaned more often, improving EH&S compliance and contamination control. PharmaSAT's quick drying nature makes it perfect for cleaning both standard and perforated floors. Each mop head is presaturated and ready to go, enabling operators to quickly clean tight spaces around equipment without the hassle of setting up a mop bucket, solution and wringer. The Sahara Foam Scrubbing Strips and Microfiber construction effectively dislodges, entraps and removes particulate contamination. PharmaSAT offers wiper like cleaning efficacy with high efficiency giving operators results without being too time consuming.