Proper cleaning of O-ring grooves prevents scratches and vacuum leaks

O-ring groove cleaning challenges

Proper cleaning of O-ring grooves can prevent scratch damage and high vacuum leaks. Semiconductor high vacuum systems require that O-rings be changed out frequently to prevent system leaks. O-ring swaps require the cleaning of the O-ring groove. Current methods that employ clean room wipers and Allen wrenches do not thoroughly clean particles from the sealing surface and often damage the groove leading to vacuum leaks.

Equipment techs across the semiconductor industry use MiraSWABS to quickly and thoroughly clean O-rings grooves. MiraSWABS are constructed from MiraWIPE microfiber fabric over a flexible foam head and heat staked to a polypropylene handle. MiraSWABS are processed and washed in an ISO 5 clean room to assure ultra low particle levels. Equipment techs find that the fabric over foam head design enables the swab to conform the surface of the o-ring groove surface.

MiraSWABS® Key Benefits

• Microfiber cleaning performance for superior removal of particles and grease from O-Ring Grooves.
• Fabric over foam tip construction ensures thorough cleaning of recessed surfaces and corners.
• MiraSWABS are processed and washed in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom to ensure ultra-Low particle levels.
• Reduces pump down times of high vacuum equipment.

MiraSWAB® Cleanroom Microfiber Swabs