Cleaning Disinfectant Residuals

  • Products Used: MiraWIPE® Wipers
  • Part Number: HT5790S
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It is well understood that effective wiping is a key component of cleaning SOPs in aseptic manufacturing areas. Lint-free polyester wipers are efficient at cleaning loosely adhered contamination from surfaces. Polyester wipers offer limited cleaning efficacy in the recessed grain structure of stainless steel surfaces.Typically operators are faced with cleaning stained surfaces with roughness averages ranging from 25 to 50. Residues from disinfectants, especially bleach, can lead to corrosion and complicate cleaning SOPs. MiraWIPE® microfibers construction enables operators to more easily comply with cleaning SOPs. MiraWIPE® compared to standard polyester wipers to reduce bioburden residue and non-viable particle levels.