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VOC Free Cleaning

Learn how to replace IPA with DI Water.

To enable microelectronic manufacturing facilities to replace IPA with DI water, Foamtec has developed MiraWIPE® Wipers, a unique microfiber fabric designed to produce ultra clean and dry surfaces. MiraWIPE® is already production-proven at the most advanced 300mm wafers fabs running 14nm processes to eliminate IPA soaked clean rooms wipers even on Hi-Vac chambers and photolithography equipment.

MiraWIPE’s excellent pickup & retention, plus it’s excellent cleaning ability make up for DI Water’s poor cleaning properties and slow dry times making it the perfect combination for green clean room wiping.

About Foamtec WCC

Foamtec's mission is to enable contamination control professionals to improve particle control in clean rooms by solving surface contamination challenges. The Wilshire Contamination Control Division of Foamtec International supplies clean room mops, foam swabs, microfiber swabs, foam wipers, microfiber wipers, UltraSOLV® ScrubPADS to address clean room cleaning and the critical cleaning of process equipment.


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