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What Type of Cleanroom Wipe is Best for Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities?

by | Mar 3, 2023

Cleanroom wipers are essential in semiconductor fabrication facilities (fabs) as they play a vital role in maintaining a contaminant-free environment. Semiconductor wafers are highly sensitive to contamination and scratch defects. Therefore, selecting the proper cleanroom wiper to clean the equipment front-end module (EFEM) in the semiconductor fabs is essential.

EFEM is a critical component in semiconductor fabs, where it is used to transport the wafer from one process to another. The EFEM must be clean and contaminant-free to ensure the wafer remains free of particles and scratch defects. A high-quality cleanroom wiper can help reduce the risk of contamination and scratch defects, improving overall contamination control.

Foamtec International’s MiraWIPE microfiber wiper is an innovative product that aids in improving contamination control in semiconductor fabs. The MiraWIPE is a unique blend of polyester and nylon microfiber, which provides exceptional cleaning performance. The wiper’s woven construction allows it to trap and remove even the tiniest particles and contaminants, thoroughly cleaning the EFEM. The MiraWIPE’ s microfiber construction is also incredibly resistant to abrasion-generated particles that shed off standard cleanroom wipers.

In conclusion, selecting the proper cleanroom wiper is essential in semiconductor fabs to maintain a contaminant-free environment and prevent scratch defects on semiconductor wafers. Foamtec International’s MiraWIPE microfiber wiper is a production proven in the most advanced wafer fabs to reduce particle contamination and scratch defect incidents significantly.

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